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  • Anastasiya L

    Anastasiya L

  • Jonathan Berk

    Jonathan Berk

    Working at intersection of real estate, community and tech to realize a city's full potential.

  • Angus Keck

    Angus Keck

    Background in ICT and Climate Change, COO for agtech startup AgUnity, empowering world’s 2-billion unbanked smallholder farmers.

  • Felix Schindler

    Felix Schindler

    Schreibt als Journalist über Mobilität und Stadtentwicklung, macht die Hälfte im Haushalt und sich um seine Zwillinge.

  • Bruno Gonçalves

    Bruno Gonçalves

    Data Science, Machine Learning, Human Behavior

  • Chris Alexander

    Chris Alexander

    My daughter Ella turns 7 in July 2018. I'm temping with Sonoma County, looking for work in data management & analysis, and playing piano for shows and church.

  • Anastasiya Litvinova

    Anastasiya Litvinova

  • Rachel Faller

    Rachel Faller

    Radically reimagining the fashion industry for a more just and equitable world. Founder of tonlé.

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