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  • Indy Johar

    Indy Johar

    Co-founder Project 00 & Dark Matter labs, Senior Innovation Associate Young Foundation, contact - indy@darkmatterlabs.org

  • Urban Data Nerd

    Urban Data Nerd

    A data visualization blog dedicated to learning about cities 🏙 through data 📊

  • Rachel Faller

    Rachel Faller

    Radically reimagining the fashion industry for a more just and equitable world. Founder of tonlé.

  • Utopia


    Utopia is an urban innovation group for emergent cities.

  • Christoph Janz

    Christoph Janz

    Internet entrepreneur turned angel investor turned micro VC. Managing Partner at http://t.co/5WJ3Pepbcv.

  • David Bank

    David Bank

    Editor and CEO, ImpactAlpha

  • Nicholas Kristof

    Nicholas Kristof

    New York Times columnist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, co-author Half the Sky, http://t.co/1RlrJ9Yu2R

  • Prairie Summer

    Prairie Summer

    World traveler, tea lover, explorer of humanity. Passionate about human rights, post-conflict recovery, women’s rights, youth, education & ICT4D.

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